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Elizabeth & Colm

Thank you for being instrumental during the preparation of our wedding and on the day.


We had such a great experience with Jenny (JR Events). she was attentive, easy to work with and professional. She provided anything and everything we needed although we chose to keep it simple. She handled my family and friends perfectly.


I really love and I’m fan of Jenny’s work! She combines an exquisite artistic taste for every detail with all the practical skills and knowledge of how to handle all wedding aspects, She is a gifted wedding planner and deeply loves and enjoys what she does. I feel that must be what makes the big magic of her weddings.


She made the whole process of planning our wedding fun and stress free. From every vendor she recommended to every small detail, everything was so amazing. I can’t get over of how perfect our wedding day was!

Thank you for being there in every way, even the emotional situations.😅

Jenny, we love you and we are forever grateful.


Adeola & Simon

Hi Jenny, Simon and I would just like to thank you for helping us pull off such an incredible day!


So blessed to have had to be a part of our by special day. Everything went amazingly well that day and I cannot express how appreciative we are for everything that you guys did for us! You have a hard job and you both do it very well! I think this picture sums up the hard work you did to keep us happy.

Felicia & Aaron

Aww Jenny, where do I start from??

God bless you. You really went above and below to make the day successful.

I don't know how the day will have went without you.

We can't stop talking about you and everyone is talking about the lady in black.

You won the hearts of both families!

Thank you for standing in for us throughout the day especially during the reception.

We cannot recommend you enough. We love you.

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Betty & John

Hello sis, thank you so much for making our day memorable and extremely beautiful. We truly appreciate you. God bless you greatly and may you continue to do for others what you have done for us.

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